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East End Partnership of Pittsburgh
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The East End Partnership of Pittsburgh promotes more livable communities in Pittsburgh’s East End through collaborative planning, programming, and investment.

The Partnership is an alliance of non-profit community organizations that work in the East End neighborhoods of Bloomfield, East Liberty, Friendship, Garfield, and Lawrenceville.

Bloomfield & Garfield

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, created in 1976, seeks to re-knit the social, economic, and physical fabric of the Bloomfield, Garfield, and Friendship neighborhoods by engaging and inspiring members of the community in the process. Since 1995, BGC has had a hand in some $52 million worth of investment in its community.

East Liberty

East Liberty Development Incorporated, is a community development corporation dedicated to the revitalization of East Liberty. Established in 1979, ELDI works to increase commercial and residential development, promote public safety, improve public spaces and create a positive image for East Liberty. Since 1999 ELDI has been involved in the planning and completion of projects worth a total of $268 million.


Friendship Development Associates is a neighborhood based community development corporation whose mission is to revitalize the Friendship area – a socially and economically diverse community – through strategic and responsible real estate development. Since its founding in 1989, FDA has leveraged more than $15 million in private homeowner investment and constructed 78 units of housing and 29,135 square feet of commercial space.


The Lawrenceville Corporation was established in 1984 to act as a catalyst and conduit for reinvestment in the Lawrenceville community. The LC works with business and home owners to facilitate property improvements, provide business assistance, and attract new businesses, customers, and residents. To date, the LC has facilitated more than 80 streetface projects, yielding public investments of nearly $1.5 million and private investments of more than $1.7 million.

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